Other Services


Couples Massage Training - $150 for two hours

Learn to provide a relaxing and beneficial massage to your partner.  I teach you all the stuff you kneed to know to provide a great massage without annoying your partner or hurting yourself.

  • How to stand or kneel without pain
  • How to provide a solid massage without annoying and complaining
  • Which massage creams and oils work best
  • How to use pillows and blankets to avoid a crick in the neck

Each lesson is tailored to your preferences and equipment (massage table or just the floor with blankets.)

Private Yoga Lessons - $50 an hour

This is one-on-one training to learn what the pose should feel like, look like, and accomplish.  Ask questions freely about safety concerns and limitations and expectations.  

Instead of just guiding you through a series of poses that don't make sense, we select 5 or 6 poses and work with those so you understand alignment, benefits, and safety.

Learn things like 

  • how to sit so your back doesn't hurt
  • what does it mean to engage your bandhas
  • how to balance like a pro
  • what type of practice is best for you

Group Classes - $60 for a 90 Minute Class

Looking to throw a party that starts with mimosas and ends in Savasana?  I don't judge.

Book a class for you and your mates for a fun and laughter filled class.

You provide the people and yoga mats, I'll provide the instruction and music.