LMT MA84698

Licensed Since 1998

500 hours of training in Houston, Texas at the Winter's School of Massage.  140 + hours in Ogden, Utah at the Prince Institute for Structural Integration.  While at the Prince Institute, we needed 2 clients for clinical training, I recruited 13 more people to practice on to ensure I remembered what I was learning.

Repair work

A life time of my own aches and pains and frustration with getting a massage to only feel the aches and pains a few days later, I've dedicated myself to finding ways to remove the source of the pain and not just treat the symptom.

Multitask your way to less pain

I'm a firm believer in changing a few lifestyle habits that prevent the pain from returning.  So while sitting at your desk, I'll show you how to relieve sciatic pain and plantar fasciitis.  Or sitting at a Tampa light, I'll show you how to keep that neck and shoulder tension at bay.

Areas of pain

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Tech Neck, facebook Icon, or whatever you want to call it, I can put your head back on where it belongs.

Low Back Pain

One of the few times you will break a sweat on the massage table.  But it's worth it.

Sciatic Pain - Neuropathy

Let me remove your pain in the butt and teach you how to prevent its return.



Plantar Fasciitis, tight everything, IT Band - I swear it doesn't hurt.

Body Builders

Improve range of motion, thereby improving power.  Clean up the fascia for a cleaner presentation of underlying muscles.


Seriously, let's lose the ventral drag.