LMT MA84698

Licensed Since 1998

500 hours of training in Houston, Texas at the Winter's School of Massage.  140 + hours in Ogden, Utah at the Prince Institute for Structural Integration.  While at the Prince Institute, we needed 2 clients for clinical training, I recruited 13 more people to practice on to ensure I remembered what I was learning.

Repair work

A life time of my own aches and pains and frustration with getting a massage to only feel the aches and pains a few days later, I've dedicated myself to finding ways to remove the source of the pain and not just treat the symptom.

Multitask your way to less pain

I'm a firm believer in changing a few lifestyle habits that prevent the pain from returning.  So while sitting at your desk, I'll show you how to relieve sciatic pain and plantar fasciitis.  Or sitting at a Tampa light, I'll show you how to keep that neck and shoulder tension at bay.